WCMA Nomination

We are pretty excited to announce our nomination for “Metal Recording of the Year” in the Western Canadian Music Awards!

WMCA Nomination 2014



Holy shit! We won Metal recording of the year!

We are very proud and honored to have  been chosen by the Edmonton Music Awards for “Metal Recording of the Year”. Edmonton has an incredible metal scene and its humbling to be chosen among our peers. Thanks to everyone involved for honoring us with this award!

2014-04-13 EMA's



Also this…

2014 Tail Creek


Upcoming dates:

April 26th – The Vat, Red Deer AB w/ Ninjaspy

June 28th – Tail Creek Mud & Music Festival, Nevis AB

August 30th – Loud as Hell Heavy Metal Festival, Drumheller AB

“A Most Unwanted Reprieve” Released Today on VEVO

Here it is! Our brand new video for the second single off Fucktropolis, and Vevo was cool enough to release it for us? Check it!

Merry Fucking Christmas to you all!

(huge thanks to Dana Zuk for shooting it, Geoff Bourrie and Ryan Semchuk from LOUD AS HELL for letting us shoot!)

First 2014 Show Date Announced!


Purchase tickets online HERE

Barrett Klesko on Evertune Guitar Bridges

Barrett was recently endorsed by Evertune. Here’s his take on them.

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A Look Behind the Scenes in the Studio

Mike one-takes the AntiMartyr solo when we were in studio this past spring recording “Fucktropolis”

Fucktropolis Reviews So Far

We are pretty excited about the reception that the new EP is getting, here’s a small sample:


“They keeps things well-rounded and together the four musicians come together and merge into the perfect thrashing machine. While there were moments in the past when this band drew comparisons to As I Lay Dying, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, with this new EP they have made huge strides to forge their own identity. True, this digital promo does come packed with the usual “recommendations”. It recommends this EP to fans of Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Alexis On Fire, Cancer Bats and Five Finger Death Punch and there’s no doubt that yes, fans of those previously mentioned acts (as well as As I Lay Dying) should dig what All Else Fails is raging on about. But, that’s just a recommendation as the truth is All Else Fails comes custom-packed with enough originality that it’s time to just say that All Else Fails sounds like All Else Fails. No more and no less. In other words just get this EP!”

“Fucktropolis is simply great, a release which has limbs, senses, and passions leaping in tandem with its metallic adventure. If this is the direction and future ahead of All Else Fails, there will be exciting times as the band places themselves on the front line of world metal. 9/10″   

Ringmaster, The Ringmaster Review (Jul 30, 2013)

“The musical talents that All Else Fails has, proves they can play up there with the big boys and keep up with everyone on a professional and heavy level! You can feel the energy they put into their music. 9/10″   

“Canada can metal – and how! The aggressiveness is omnipresent. ALL ELSE FAILS get a work full of concentrated, but controlled rage that is well thought out from the first to the last second. 9/10″  

““Fucktropolis”. What an awesome name for an album. And what an awesome album it is. ALL ELSE FAILS, a four-piece from Alberta, Canada, recently put forth their heaviest release yet. With only 6 tracks, one of them being hidden, this album still manages to set itself apart in the highly competitive Metal industry, and showcase the supreme talent this quartet has to offer. The music is catchy, diverse and original, and the clean and dark vocals by Barrett Klesko and Seedy Mitchell add some variety to the brutal mix. If “Fucktropolis“ was a cake, it would have a lot of layers.”   

“Beautiful and hard to grasp their new record Fucktropolis is one of the most promising EP’s of 2013, they find something new and unique with their record and help to drive out the posers with a powerful sound and riffs that are simply to die for, this band has found a new level of metal madness.”

Don’t forget you can now get the new album on both iTunes and BandCamp.
Thanks to everyone that has checked out the new video for “Better Left Undead”, we are just shy of 15,000 views in 2 weeks!
Upcoming Shows
Aug 16 - The Den  - Fort McMurray AB
Aug 24 - Loud as Hell Festival  - Drumheller AB


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