Dj Ddubs Interviews Barrett

Hazzardous Material Interview

The band recently did an interview with Alyxx Monroe from Hazzardous Material…..

Breakout West, WCMA “Metal Recording of the Year” and Fred Penner!

So All Else Fails went to Breakout West 2014 and showcased at The Zoo, met some awesome people, had a great time, won “Metal Recording of the Year” at the Western Canadian Music Awards on Sunday for “Fucktropolis” and got this band selfie with Fred Penner! All in all a great time Winnipeg! Thanks for your hospitality!

2014-10 AEF FFP

2014-10 AEF WCMA Award - Lick

ALS Challenged by Loud As Hell

“Thanks” to Geoff and Ryan from Loud as Hell for nominating us, We nominate Tyrant in return. Please be sure to donate here, since this is for charity, not just facebook.

The Challenge

And Barrett took one for the team…

Loud As Hell Metal Fest

We are stoked as HELL about this one! We headline Saturday night! See you August 30th in the Badlands!

2014-08-30 LAH

WCMA Nomination

We are pretty excited to announce our nomination for “Metal Recording of the Year” in the Western Canadian Music Awards!

WMCA Nomination 2014



Holy shit! We won Metal recording of the year!

We are very proud and honored to have  been chosen by the Edmonton Music Awards for “Metal Recording of the Year”. Edmonton has an incredible metal scene and its humbling to be chosen among our peers. Thanks to everyone involved for honoring us with this award!

2014-04-13 EMA's



Also this…

2014 Tail Creek


Upcoming dates:

April 26th – The Vat, Red Deer AB w/ Ninjaspy

June 28th – Tail Creek Mud & Music Festival, Nevis AB

August 30th – Loud as Hell Heavy Metal Festival, Drumheller AB


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