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Hell and High Water Tour Wrap Up

We are back from another western Canadian tour, and while we are happy to be in our own beds, we really love the road.

We played with (and were humbled by) so many incredibly talented artists this tour including Quartered, Stella, Synapse, Scythia, Inside it Failed, The Body Politic, Dead Eyes Open, Odinfist,  Cast into Ashes, Two years and Counting, and more. The scene in Canada is so full of amazing bands it’s ridiculous.

So thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and parties with us. It’s a hard road to the top, but you all make it worth the trip.


-Barrett Klesko

After thinking back on all that we’ve experienced on the AEF “Hell and High Water” tour, I’ve decided that the memories I’m left with aren’t of poorly attended nightclubs, hangovers and mechanical failure, but of old friends, new friends, and undeniably great independent music.   If only more people started emerging from the shadows of the dance tents to experience this phenomenon with us.  I’m a lucky person to be able to do this, and grateful to all the people who attended the shows, supported their local live music scenes, and with an open mind, wore their hearts on their sleeves.

Thank you.  Mitchell

Ahh, tour. Where some of the greatest moments of my life have happened. Going to a different city almost every day, meeting new people and playing some awesome shows. It’s basically a never ending party. What’s not to love? I would like to thank Leanne’s family for putting us up while we were getting the truck worked on, as well as Barrett’s Auntie Darlene, one of the nicest, sweetest ladies I’ve met to this day. Also, thanks to anyone who let us crash on their floor, party with us or put up with us in anyway. I know we’re not easy to deal with haha. I’d also like to thank all the bands we played with, and if you haven’t checked them out you must! Inside it Failed, Stella, Quartered, Two Years and Counting, Synapse, Dead Eyes Open, The Body Politic, Cast into Ashes, Scythia and Odinfist. The biggest and most important shout out of all time is you guys, the fans. Without you guys, none of this would be possible, the shows, the tours, the cds, nothing. Thank you so much for everything and remember to always support your local scene!



Also a big thank you to the venues that hosted us and to Darren at the Cambie Esquimalt. This dude rocks and thanks so much for the last minute show pick up and support. Vancouver Island and BC we love you! We can’t wait to rock your coastlines again!

Watch for our new web series “Breaking Acclaim” that is taking the place of the old series Studio Space. BA will be hosted on BlankTV and premier date will be announced soon, season episodes to feature all that is AEF including tour highlights and more!

Check out these pictures taken at The Tunnel show in Vancouver BC by Tyler Branston, Branston Photography (Click here )

Season 5 Studio Space Finale

Season 5 of the ever popular Studio Space  Webseries comes to a close with the “All Else Fails Drunken Olympics”

Watch all 5 seasons here “STUDIO SPACE”


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